How does it work...





"Solid" beam

The main advantages of glued beams:

-does not change its shape during operation

-has greater strength compared to conventional wood

-has a lower thermal conductivity

-has minimal shrinkage in height

— does not crack

— the pins and ridges along the length of the beam are rigidly fixed into the bar in the wall and do not allow moisture to pass through;

Who We are and what We do….?

You are looking at a company, which has found a special approach to wood and forest.

  •  Wood has been technically redesigned to meet the expectations of modern living and comfort.

  • Main goal of our company is the construction of elemental and modular houses.

  •  All our romp is based on energy efficient timber construction. This is a safe and sound process that begins in renewable forests and ends in a carefully designed and built log house results in better environments for living and working. 

  • The production of the elements and modules has moved from outside to our production center indoors. This way we ensure the high quality and proper thermal insulation of the building.

  • It gives us an inormous advantage in erection of the house. Move in today!

  • We produce both residential and non-residential buildings, which include: private houses, apartment buildings, multi-family houses, community buildings, cottages, country houses, saunas, etc.

  •  A modern log house is a truly ecological choice. It is an effective CO² sink and thus helps prevent the impacts of climate change.

  • We observe the entire chain from natural forests to a healthy house where generations can live completely sustainable.

Squarewood is your best solution in modern, co-operative, fast and eco- friendly construction!


"insulated" beam

Thanks to the company’s employees, a new type of glued timber for the construction of wooden houses was developed in principle. This type of log combines the heat of the frame house technology and the aesthetics of the technology of a solid glued beam. 

The know-how lies in the fact that inside of the logs there are special cavities, which can be filled with different types of insulation. 

Our Technology




Stages Of Assembly​

  1. Flexible shingles
  2. Roof panels
  3. Rafter system
  4. Modular walls
  5. Three-chamber glass unit
  6. Flooring
  7. Floor slopes
  8. Wooden foundation

Dimensions and shape of sections

Let's compare our assembly technology with other...

type of house

assembly time

average cost of erection work, €

average u-value coefficient of the type

frame house

3 month

27 000


modular house

3 weeks



our house

5-6 days



The process of assembling our house in 5 days

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