Wood Of The Best Quality By Individual Order

We are young reliable traders, who are looking for trustworthy partners around the globe. Started in 2013 we have found best quality suppliers of whitewood lumber by now, who want to grow with us. Since we are dedicated to offer a quality which is accepted even by the most demanding customers, we cooperate with recognized producers form Estonia and all the EU. We also find that social responsibility is important so we only pick green oriented companies as our suppliers. We also make sure our partners personel has fair salaries and working conditions. We also offer cladding, flooring, laminated beams and Siberian larch terrass

Buying from us gives you next benefits

AB quality

different dimentions

we deliver to all countries of the world

min order 40 m3 - ∞

max time of delivery 2.5 month

best quality-min price

pine and spruce material

Our lumber is coming from northern Siberia which has grown slowly and in perfect conditions. Our suppliers kiln dry and cut it in surroundings of Archangelsk. Ready to provide us wit their ideal product.
All cut with proper 75 circular splitters to get perfect geometry for our customers. We mostly supply our sawn lumber to planer mills around Europe. Mostly Estonia and Finland and therefor we know the needs of clients and quality needed.
Transportation has been thought thru properly. All packages are packed nicely and each package has its tag. No dirt and no damage has affected the final delivery to clients door. Always on time and we are proud that we haven’t had any complaints or reclamations so far.

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